Soul is within fabrics

Trying to change course, the company MM Tappezzeria has launched new collections full of personality and details; they have combined skills and values from upholsterers’ world perfectly. Over years they have specialised in manufacturing a small number of medium- and high-quality pieces, using high-finish leather, focusing on manual work and using special machinery rarely, only for limited series, millimetre cuts and clear-cut shaping. This is aimed at manufacturing unique special pieces and it guarantees flexibility and precision for large orders of different elements, thus fidelizing the contract sector customers to careful workforce in upholstery. Anything is done by hand: sampling, laying fabrics on surfaces, laying the material harmoniously so that it is a whole as to sight and touch; in this way, the object is transformed, it is given a soul and its manufacturing cycle is brought to an end. Here problems are solved, new solutions are found for newborn projects and material acquires personality. Details and care are the keys: they make an object unique, they liven it up and they fill a room with magic.